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What We Offer

It’s not what we do, but it’s about how we do it. We strive to provide a cost effective and excellent service to our clients.

Our main aim is perfection, constant growth not only in business but in performance and customer satisfaction. We are constantly striving to a better quality of performance, work and service. See below what services we offer.

We offer once-off, monthly, fortnightly, and weekly services. We can also make an arrangement that suites you best.

Pricing: Please contact us for pricing, as prices vary per job required. Contact us for advice and an obligation free quotation.


We clean chlorinator cells, baskets weir and pumps, remove leaves, brush down the pool, vacuum, backwash and rinse.


Are you wanting to install a pool? We install any size, from start to finish.

Sand Changes

We check the sand. Sand should be changed every 2 to 3 Years.


We provide any required chemicals or we will make use of the customer's chemicals on request.

Examination & Testing

We do a thorough pool examination and testing of the pool mainly on the first visit.


We provide customers with reports on any problems and pre emt any. We leave the premises spotless.